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You Might Hate it Now...


"This is bootcamp it's not supposed to be fun, but you will love the results when you're done."

Our signature 6 week Keto Coaching program. Over 6 weeks clients are introduced to the world of Keto, receive group and one on one coaching, and our delicious meals! We will teach you the do's and do not's of keto, the benefits of keto, how and why it is a sustainable way of eating, and most importantly provide you with up to 2 meals a day for the entire 6 weeks!

Our clients have lost between 10-20 pounds while in kamp. Only 5 kampers are selected for each session, allowing time to truly work with each individual. Keto Kamp is offered only 3 times a year.
Click below to get updates on registration for our next Kamp! 

Cost: $158 per week ($900 total)

KetoKamp Participants

More Planning Options:

Customized Meal Plans: 

Are you an athlete, body builder or working with a personal trainer who has provided you with a specific meal plan or macros? Let us prepare your custom meals! Based on macros provided and your personal likes/dislikes we will build a custom meal plan to meet your needs. A minimum of 5 meals must be ordered. 

Cost: Price is contingent upon meal options selected.  Schedule a consultation time to discuss further.

Price: $15 (20 minute session)


Nutrition Counseling:

Have you recently be diagnosed with a medical condition which requires you to change your diet? Do you need assistance with determining the best meal plan for you?

Curious about keto, Mediterranean, low fat, or eating for your blood type? 

We can provide customized meals for any specific dietary needs. Schedule a consultation to begin developing your specialized meal plan!


Price: $25 (50 minute session)



We offer catering service for parties, special events, small group gatherings, and office functions! Tell us your requirements below and let us build a custom menu for your event! 

Thanks for submitting!

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