Quality Meals.


As an African American female who has struggled with her weight most of her life, I not only know the struggle of wanting to get healthy but I know the pain of not meeting your goals! 

In 2016 with the help of a local DMV Trainer, I began using my nutrition degree to write meal plans for her clients. Over time, people raved about the weight falling off, but needed help in preparing the meals. After preparing meals in my home for a few weeks it was evident it was time to make the business official.... and the rest is history!

Today FitFood Meal Prep Services, provides healthy and nutritious meals to over 200 men and women across the DMV on a weekly basis.


Our goal is to  prepare healthy, fresh, and balanced meals, saving you time in the kitchen all while making sure you meet your health and fitness goals. We believe living a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or just live a healthy lifestyle we have a meal plan for you!



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Achieving fitness goals is much more than the gym. Research shows working out is only 20% of the effort – so let us take of care of the 80% while you focus on the rest!

We provide a weekly menu consisting of the following options:

   * Breakfast Options 

   * Healthy Snack Options 

   * Keto/Low Carb Meal Options

   * Low Fat /Clean Eating Meal Options

   * Vegan/Vegetarian Meal Options

   * Salads Options

   * Smoothie Bag Prep

We offer several meal packages and alacart options. 

No subscription required, order what you want when you want...But we promise once you try our meals you will be back each week!

 Weekly menus go live each Sunday evening and orders are taken until 9:00 pm Wednesdays.

Meals are prepared Saturdays and are delivered or picked up on Sundays.